Miscellaneous Pictures of Frontier Town
I love getting pictures emailed to me by visitors to this website. Sometimes I get a number of pictures and add pages to the website with them. And sometimes I get one or two pictures and I put them here.
I'm not 100% sure this is Frontier Town, but the picture is certainly in the spirit of Frontier Town. The classic Frontier Town cowboy hat from Western Outfitters.
Two young visitors on the covered bridge. A promotional display used by Frontier Town when making public relations calls.
Aaron Darcy, from San Diego California, who in 1994 or 1995 was Speedy Gonzales and the cavalry scout in Frontier Town.
Scott Terry's wedding at the Frontier Town chapel. The Dalton Gang rides into town.
A couple visiting from Scotland in 1966, and their local host, in front of the Frontier Town Restaurant. A couple visiting from Scotland in 1966, and their local hostess, in front of the Frontier Town parking lot.
Chief White Eagle in 1954. Another visitor to Frontier Town, this one Frank, gets his name on a badge (compare with the picture of mine on the welcome page of this website).
These two pictures show the same couple on two visits to Frontier Town - the one on the left as girlfriend and boyfriend in the 1970s, the one on the right as wife and husband in 2010.