I received a press release from Lisa Stoner, Vice President of the Peace River Refuge & Ranch in Zolfo Springs FL. I am posting it here to spread the word to any who may come upon this site. If you are interested in contributing, you may contact them by leaving a message at their facility (they may be on the road) at 863-735-0804. Please do not email them unless you don't mind waiting until after the bears are safely down in Florida to get a response.

Here is the press release:

We will be rescuing the two bears, Dolly & Molly, from the abandoned Frontier Town in NY next week – that’s right, they have been abandoned there for about 3 years. Local townsfolk have been feeding them intermittently through a chute in their pen.

We cannot have people present (for safety reasons) while we are loading the bears, but we expect to have a few minutes to stop and allow folks to say goodbye to the bears in a parking area just outside of Frontier Town on Tuesday evening.

We will be moving them to our nonprofit exotic animal sanctuary (We are accredited by the American Sanctuary Association) in Florida, where they will remain for life. We have a 2/3-acre bear enclosure with two dens and a swimming pool – complete with full size oak trees and old logs to tear up.

We will be raising funds by soliciting for tax-deductible donations to support them for life. Our sanctuary has recently been hit by two hurricanes, with another one coming tonight – so funds are tight as we repair over $200,000 in damage.

Lisa Stoner, Vice President
Peace River Refuge & Ranch
PO Box 1127 - 2545 Stoner Lane
Zolfo Springs, FL 33890