Deanna Ranneklev's 1993 Visit
Here are pictures that Deanna provided me from her trip to Frontier Town in September 1993.

A train robber on the ride into the park. A view of Boot Hill from a ride on the stagecoach.
A stage robber in the court of Judge Roy Bean. The stage robber gets his just desserts.
A shotgun is fired in defense as the stage robber's gang, the Daltons, raid Frontier Town in revenge. The Clantons head for the Last Chance Saloon, and trouble, on Main Street.
The wagon train is rescued and escorted to Prairie Junction by the cavalry. The Sheriff and the Indian Scout.
A parade of colors opens the rodeo. The longest 8 seconds.
A pair of donkeys - or are they burros? A buffalo that Deanna nicknamed "Buff". The black bears - Molly and Dolly.
Deanna's friend under the Prairie Junction and Dry Gulch Railroad water tower. Deanna outside the Last Chance Saloon.