Across four decades (the 60s through the 90s, though I never actually visited during the 80s), I made numerous visits to Frontier Town. Recently Haroff Auction and Realty placed a number of snapshots of Frontier Town on the Web in preparation for the 21 October 2004 auction of the land that Frontier Town sits on. Below I compare various areas around Frontier Town through the years by contrasting snapshots either from my visits or those from Haroff's website. Each set of pictures identifies what area is displayed, and each picture identifies the year it is from.
Fort Custer

Seen in the distance behind Prairie Junction in 1966.

A closer look in 1966.

The cavalry rides to the rescue in 1966.

Seen in background as the outlaws arrive in town in 1990.

Prairie Junction

The end by the jail and Wells Fargo in 1965.

My wife in the same spot in 1990.

A view of main street in 1990.

A view of main street today.

The Back Street at Prairie Junction

My sisters outside the Music Hall in 1964.

I guard the bank in 1967.

A view of back street in 1990.

A view of back street today.


My friend and I prepare to depart in 1965.

Arriving at Prairie Junction in 1965.

The stage being robbed in 1974.

The entrance to the stagecoach ride today.

The Train

My sister waits for a train in 1964.

The locomotive in 1966.

I guard the train in 1967.

The locomotive firebox in 1974.

The Stocks

That's me in the stocks in 1964 - my sister holds a gun on me.

The tables are turned - also 1964.

My wife in the stocks in 1990.

The stocks today.

The Frontier Village

The Peddler Shop in 1990.

The blockhouse as it is today.

A view of the church today.

School seems to be out forever today.