My Toy Guns
On the left is a picture of me with my absolute favorite cap gun ever - a Nichols Model 61. Unfortunately, this gun broke from too much hard play when I was a kid. But I have recently acquired a Model 61 for my collection. It can be seen in the picture on the right.
After the Model 61 broke, I asked for (alright, I begged for), and received, a Topper Johnny Eagle Red River rifle and pistol set for Christmas. I am wearing that pistol, and holding that rifle, in the picture of me at the trial of the bank robber on the home page of this site.
On the left, you can see the pistol in the holster on my hip as I sit in the sheriff's chair at the Frontier Town jail (and you can see the butt of the rifle in the rifle rack on the wall).

On the right is the Johnny Eagle Red River pistol that I have in my collection today (it is not the same one I had as a kid - I don't remember what became of that one).

On the left is the Johnny Eagle Red River rifle that I have in my collection today (once again, it is not the one I had as a kid and I don't know what happened to that one).

On the right, I am in the door of the saloon, cocking the rifle.

The hat I am wearing in these pictures was a favorite of mine - it was a light blue felt and had a Frontier Town deputy's badge on the front. I bought it at Western Outfitters.

On the left is a holster I made from a kit at the summer crafts program run by the Parks and Recreation department in the town I grew up in. I did all the tooling on the leather - not as good as Clarence Canary, but I was pretty proud of it as a kid. I originally made it for the Model 61, but also used it with the Johnny Eagle Red River. Thanks to the Fat Flush diet, I can still buckle it around my middle (though I now have to use the last hole).

On the right is the tableau from inside the saloon - what was behind the gate in the above picture. Those of you who went to Frontier Town in the 60s and 70s (and probably also the 50s) will remember that visitors to the park could not go into the saloon - instead, inside was a tableau from immediately after a gun fight. I apologize for the poor quality of this picture - I took it from the Frontier Town Gazette that I have (a picture of which is on the home page of this site). It is the only picture of the tableau I have, and I felt that even its poor quality was better than no picture. I remember there was a sign by the piano player that read, I seem to recall, "Don't shoot the piano player, he's half dead already."

Thanks to Christine Cardi, I now have a much better image of the tableau inside the saloon, in color even. (You can see more of her pictures of Frontier Town from the Picture Galleries page.) Note that my memory was in error, and that the sign actually refers to the bartender, not the piano player. It appears in the center of the bar and reads "Don't shoot the bartender he's half shot now".