Pictures from Sandra Baumann
Sandra Baumann sent me pictures spanning almost three decades, from circa 1954 to circa 1971. She identified the people in the black and white photographs as the Terkelsen family, who owned the Blue Ridge Motel, so they not only visited Frontier Town in 1954 when these pictures were taken, but they all lived down the road and most of them worked at Frontier Town in a variety of jobs as well.
The sign at Frontier Town. Seeing this sign always caused my pulse to race as a kid. Click here to see the sign as it was in 2003, or click here to see it as it is in 2005. The original entrance off Route 9. Over the years this building was added to, and then abandoned when the entrance to Frontier Town was moved to the Northway side of the park. Sandra says that the blond children in the photo of the entrance are all Bensens, related to Frontier Town's founder, Art Bensen. Click here to see this building as it was in 2003, or click here to see it as it is in 2005.
Based on the gun ports notched in the wall, I believe this picture was taken outside the blockhouse. Frontier Town offered visitors the opportunity to see real skills that were used on the frontier. One such skill was spinning... And another was loading and firing a flintlock rifle.
Frontier Town justice - a good dunkin' into the water... ...and out again... ...and in again.
Sandra's husband, Jeff, does his time at Frontier Town in 1971 or 1972. The pillory has always been a favorite photo opportunity for visitors to Frontier Town, as is evidenced by this man doing his time for being "Late for Dinner"... and this woman. Note how much shorter the trees are in these two black and white photos from the 1950s when compared to the color one from the 1950s. To see even more visitors in the pillory, click here.
The original Frontier Town black bears - Samson and Delilah. The stagecoach. To compare this to stagecoaches in later years, click here.