Where to see some of Frontier Town today
On 9 & 10 October 2004, the contents of Frontier Town were sold at auction. Parts of the park found new homes through this auction. As I learn of any locations where the public can see these pieces of Frontier Town, I will add them to this page.
News (as of 4 July 2006)
Fritz (listed as Alaskan Husky in a Glass Case at Frontier Town) is now on display at the Carrie M. McLain Museum in Nome, AK. Nome was his place of birth in 1915 and where he was raised. He was also one of the dogs who ran in the 1925 Serum Run and was owned by Leonhard Seppala, the famous musher.
News (as of 29 May 2006)
I have learned through an email from a visitor to this website that there are items from Frontier Town at the Mt. Severance Country Store in Schroon Lake, and there is a Frontier Town sign on a building next to the leather outlet in Lake George NY.
One of the Trains
The first that I learned of is one of the trains, which has found a new home at Adirondack Animal Land, a fantastic attraction in its own right. As my wife and I learned on a trip there earlier this summer, they have a whole lot of animals to see (below is a picture of me feeding the pygmy goats, and my wife with the giraffes), a western town named Fallow Creek (my wife stands on the outskirts of the town below), and a host of other things to see and do. Click here to visit their website.
Breaking news in February 2006 I have recently learned that Adirondack Animal Land wants to sell the train and related items from Frontier Town as a package. The asking price for all is $30,000 - this includes: the engine, 2 cars with fresh paint last year, Aprox 200 ft of track, depot sign, and rebuilt Water tower. Price is negotiable. If you have an interest, please email me and I will pass your contact information on.
Below is a picture of me in the Adirondack Animal Land parking lot, in front of the train formerly from Frontier Town. The "Train Depot" sign and the water tower are also formerly from Frontier Town. In Art Bensen's "Adirondack Mountain Adventure", he says "At present, being unable to find another locomotive, we are building two of our own." The engine of this train, shown in close up below, is one of those two. As can be seen from the third picture below, the train still sports the Frontier Town R. R. name. Click here to see pictures of the train's move from Frontier Town to Adirondack Animal Land.
The Cannon
While my wife and I were on our trip to the Adirondacks, we passed through Scrhoon Lake, and found the familiar piece of Frontier Town pictured below in front of Alpine Pizza. This is the cannon that was fired to welcome the new recruits to the cavalry.
Molly and Dolly
As long as I can remember, there were bears at Frontier Town. The pair that were there when I was a kid were named Samson and Delilah. From 1990 to 2004, the bears that lived at Frontier Town were named Molly and Dolly. After the park closed for the last time in 1998, their care was pretty much catch as catch can. When preparations were being made to auction Frontier Town, a lot of effort was put into finding a new home for Molly and Dolly. That new home is the Peace River Refuge and Ranch in Zolfo Springs, Florida (unfortunately, my wife and I did not make it there on our trip earlier this summer). Click Here to visit their website. Before moving the bears, the refuge sent me a press release, which I have included in this site here. For more information on the bears, and the third grade class from Plattsburgh that has adopted them, see this page on the Peace River website.

I would like to thank the Peace River Refuge and Ranch for the pictures of Molly and Dolly and their move to a new home.

The above pictures show the bears in the enclosure at Frontier Town, loading them into a trailer for transport to Florida and local residents saying goodbye before they hit the road.
These three pictures show their arrival at the Peace River Refuge and Ranch in Florida and their new home with fresh water and a treat.